Learn italian with Arlette

Hi, my name is Arlette. ūüėä

Through the years, I have developed a great passion for the Italian language, culture, food, fashion, music - Italy is amazing and there is so much to love!  I have traveled there often and I have also studied the Italian language extensively, even going so far as to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Italian. But I was already fluent  long before attaining my degree, and I do believe my learning was greatly accelerated because of my love for Italian music.  My lessons and teaching method reflect my passion for both teaching Italian and for singing, and I use a fun, engaging, immersive way to teach my students and help them along on their own journeys to fluency. If you are ready to learn Italian in a different way than what's currently out there, you've landed at the right spot!

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For anyone who has ever wanted to learn Italian, this is your year to do it! When you put it off till someday, one month turns into a year, then two years, five years, ten years ... you get my point. Just do it now! My course gives a basic introduction to essential Italian grammar and sentence construction. Using music and singing as part of my teaching method, the course is fun and engaging and just makes you feel good. Start your journey to fluency in Italian with me today.:)